School Meals

Most children come to school without having breakfast, so the meals we provide has a major impact on their energy levels in class.

Asha Abdi - Teacher


It is often the case for many children in Somalia, the meal they get at school is the only meal they get in a day. Without food children will go hungry fall sick and risk dropping out from school and lose their best chance of getting out of poverty.

For many children in Somalia, schools mean so much more than a place of learning. It is a lift up from an endless cycle of poverty and a place of safety.

School meals are especially critical for girls. The promise of a meal can be enough to make struggling parents send their daughter to school, allowing her to escape heavy domestic duties or early marriage.


The lack of nutrition in children’s diets leads to the low retention of learning and attendance in classes.


At IFED, we provide warm meals in some of the schools we manage. And the impact is significant on attendance, retention and the completion rates in these schools. However, the lack of funding means we are not able to provide the same service in all our schools.

With just £10 dollars we are able to provide 10 hot meals for children in our schools.