Library Appeal


If people are to stay literate, they must have access to a wide variety of written materials and continue the habit of reading in their adult lives



All over the world libraries are dedicated to providing free and equitable access to information for all, be it in written, electronic or audio-visual form. They play a key role in creating literate environments and promoting literacy by offering relevant and attractive reading material for all ages and all literacy levels and by offering adult and family literacy classes.

Dynamic and stimulating literate environments at home, in the classroom, in the workplace and in the community are essential to literacy acquisition, development and lifelong use.

But across Somalia there is a serious lack of reading materials and hence a lack of reading culture.

If literacy is not placed within a functional framework of relevance and if newly acquired literacy skills are not constantly used and improved, there is a real danger that those who have acquired literacy skills will relapse into illiteracy and the huge investment in school education and adult literacy classes will be wasted.

This library will be a first of its kind in the country, and we hope it will ignite a culture of reading in a country starved of books. It will also be the first public library in Adado, allowing thousands of people to benefit.

Sayid Aden Ali


Adado’s first public library will promote a culture of reading and maintain levels of literacy achieved through formal education and stimulate constructive critical attitude toward the solution of social problems.

As well as serving as a knowledge and literacy centre, the public library will serve as an innovation hub for the community providing a creative space for young people to nurture and share ideas.

The design of the building, will also be a first in the country, and takes the shape of a circles with a blue roof to blend in with a city known as the Blue City. 

Designed by Brixton based AWMA, an experimental design collective that explores key themes prevalent within social, spiritual, economic and urban realms - from celebrations to challenges - across the cultural spectrum with work that connects people and places.

With the land for the already property secured, thanks to our supporters, help us build the first public library in Adado, and create lasting change that will impact a whole community for generations to come.